Stefano Paraboschi

Focus on several areas in computer science: information systems and database technology (specifically on active rules, view management, data warehouses, workflow management systems), Web technology (data intensive Web sites, XML) and information security (security for databases, access control for XML and Web services, secure reputation in P2P networks, data outsourcing, privacy).

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Dario Facchinetti

Dario Facchinetti is a post-doctoral researcher with Università degli Studi di Bergamo. He likes to spend time inside the Emacs ecosystem, programming and learning about security. He is interested in operating systems (Linux, Android), programming languages and data structures, backend programming, and applied cryptography.

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Matthew Rossi

Matthew Rossi is a post-doctoral researcher at Università degli Studi di Bergamo. His work focuses on mobile & cloud security, privacy of outsourced data, and policy management. He loves to solve problems and engage with projects that require him to learn new things.

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Marco Abbadini

Marco Abbadini is a PhD student at Università degli Studi di Bergamo since October 2021. He's interested in Operating Systems Security, Cryptography and Privacy focusing his research on Access Control, Data protection and System Security. He likes programming and learning new things.

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Michele Beretta

This member prefers to keep an aura of mystery.

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Former members

Enrico Bacis

Enrico Bacis is a former post-doctoral researcher with Università degli Studi di Bergamo. His work focuses on computer security, mostly investigating the integration of security features in ( mobile | cloud | database ) systems, policy management and privacy of outsourced data. He now works as a Research Software Engineer with Google Zurich in the Applied Privacy Research team. His non-work interests range widely, from programming languages, to security CTFs, to playing drums. He loves to solve problems, learn new things and discuss them with interesting people.

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Marco Rosa

Marco Rosa has been a researcher with Università degli Studi di Bergamo since September 2015 and a PhD student since October 2016. His research interests focus on cloud security, mobile security (especially Android malwares and system security policies), and Python programming. From July 2018 to December 2018, he spent 5 months at SAP Labs France where he contributed to the implementation of a policy model regulating the usage of datasets in machine learning operations.

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Simone Mutti

Simone Mutti is a former post-doctoral researcher at Università degli Studi di Bergamo. His research interests are in the area of OS security, privacy, and data management, with particular consideration of access control in emerging scenario. From August 2014 to November 2014, he spent 3 months as a Visiting PhD in the Computer Security Group at University of California - Santa Barbara, under the supervision of professors Christopher Kruegel and Giovanni Vigna where he contributed to the implementation of a new infrastructure for the detection of Android malware.

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Gianluca Oldani

Gianluca Oldani was a PhD student at Università degli Studi di Bergamo. The main focuses of his work are distributed/decentralized system, policy management and privacy in data market scenarios. He enjoys experimenting various web frameworks and solving competitive programming problems. His non- work interests are videogames and role-playing games.

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We would also like to thank all the alumni who collaborated to our projects. A special mention to: Abbadini Marco, Adobati Marco, Allegri Riccardo, Arrigoni Marco, Balduzzi Giorgio, Balicco Matteo, Beretta Michele, Bernasconi Davide, Bianchetti Andrea, Bikhtancer Amine, Boffelli Jacopo, Bommarito Jonathan, Boschetti Kevin, Bottarelli Davide, Bravo Irene, Brembilla Andrea, Brembilla Luca, Caglioni Brian, Calomeni Luca, Carminati Ivo, Carne Federico, Carrara Paolo, Cattaneo Andrea, Cattaneo Stefano, Cavagna Stefano, Centurelli Valentina, Cereda Marco, Cesani Davide, Chirico Giorgio, Ciocca Simone, Colombi Simone, Colombo Stefano, Conti Lorenzo, Copler Alessandro, Coretti Michele, Corna Giorgio, Cosseddu Antonio, Crippa Bianca, Daidone Giuseppe, Dentella Michele, Ferri Samuele, Filippo Bordogna, Fioretti Luca, Flaccadori Gianluca, Galiani Andrea, Gamba Davide, Gambarara Alberto, Gelosa Federico, Ghisleni Stefano, Ghislotti Luca, Giannattasio Stefano, Giovanelli Michele, Gotti Kevin, Gozzi Laura, Gregis Daniele, Imberti Federico, Inglese Luca, Jurca Sergiu Valentin, Lazzari Filippo, Lenuzza Benedetta, Locatelli Matteo, Locatelli Michele, Locatelli Nicholas, Locatelli Sara, Longaretti Lorenzo, Lorenzi Luca, Maffeis Isaac, Maffioletti Gianluca, Mandalari Fabio, Mariani Giada, Moraschini Alessio, Nava Giovanni, Opreni Simone, Paganessi Andrea, Palazzi Fabio, Paramento Umberto, Paris Gabriele, Patelli Andrea, Pedemonti Enrico, Pelliccioli Diego, Perani Enrico, Perico Emanuele, Piazzi Simona, Previtali Andrea, Ragosta Stefano, Ravasio Daniele, Rebussi Andrea, Revrena Davide, Rinaldi Daniel, Riva Mauro, Rota Andrea, Rota Michele, Sangregorio Fabio, Sardi Dario, Strazzante Francesco, Stucchi Matteo, Tasca Leonardo, Toure Pape Alpha, Viganò Gianluca, Villa Stefano, Vimercati Davide, Zambelli Matteo, Zanchi Michele, Zraiba Youssef.