UniBG Security Lab

Unibg Security Lab is the Computer Security Team at Università degli Studi di Bergamo.

Its work focuses on several areas in computer science such as systems security (UNIX/Linux security), mobile security (especially Android security and malware analysis), information systems, database technology (data warehouses, workflow management systems), Web, emerging technologies and information security (security for databases, access control, secure reputation in P2P networks, data outsourcing and privacy).

The team is often involved in european projects, and is currently working on ensuring proper protection of private/sensitive/confidential information with the GLACIATION project. The recent work on Android security allowed the team to obtain two Google Awards.

We are always looking for smart, hardworking thesis students. If you are interested in computer security, come talk to us!

Source Code

The source code of our open source projects is available on GitHub.

Star the projects on GitHub to receive updates on future releases.


Google Award

Winter 2016

The APM project won a Google Award in Winter 2016 batch.

Google Award

Winter 2014

The SeSQLite project won a Google Award in the Winter 2014 batch.